Our most important and primary purpose is to make Your holiday a pleasant and memorable experience, so dear guests, You can be sure that we will treat You in the way tah we would like to be served during our break. To have a good time and not missing a thing, and to be in a great mood, we will work with desire and will take care of the diversity of Your holiday. In the Rhodopean surroundings there are wonderful places for hiking and rural tourism, river and lake fishing, horse riding, as well as picking mushrooms and berries. If You want, we can arrange day trips to the trails, caves, historical and natural attractions. You can find all places in our catalog with "tourist places" of Villa "Rupcovoto."


River fishing - good places to catch barbel, chub and nase are the lower and middle reaches of the rivers Black and Arda, for trout - the upper stream of the Arda River, just about - 10-15km. from the villa.


Lake fishing - great specimens of carp and trout You can catch in Smolyan Lakes, Dam Kartola and Haidushki meadows, and also near v.Sokolovtsi, Smilyan and v.Srednogortsi, all about 10 kilometers. from the villa.


horse riding

Another unique opportunity for adventure in the Rhodope region is horse riding. At the heart of the mountains there are complexes with over 200 horses of different breeds trained for a different type of riding. The complexes are located in Levochevo village (6km.) v.Arda (30km.), v.Gela (30 km.) and Smolyan Lakes (6 km.). You can rent a horse with a professional instructor near the bases. There is an opportunity for long hikes in the mountains of varying lengths. Horse riding is suitable for families with children. The experience and satisfaction are guaranteed.


mountain cycling

The area around Villa "Rupcovoto" have excellent conditions for mountain cycling - "cross country". Villa "Rupcovoto" has a fleet of mountain bikes and full turnout gear, available to lovers of this sport. Each enthusiast receives guidance card on routes. During cycling You can enjoy the sweeping forest trails, the beauty and purity of the mountains and stunning scenery in this area.


If You love skiing and winter sports challenges, the sunniest resort Pamporovo, will provide You unforgettable moments in excellent snowy slopes.

Only 15km. by Villa "Rupcovoto" can get a nice suntan, descending the slopes of Pamaporovo stemming from Mount Snezhanka, with different levels of difficulty.

Diversify Your vacation at Villa "Rupcovoto" and enjoy Your winter walks in the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria, with more than 240 sunny days a year, a mild climate, thick snow cover, lack of avalanches and well maintained ski equipment.

rural tourism

If You want to experience local traditions, crafts and cuisine and to find out the hospitality of the mountaineers, they can visit our wonderful villages in the area.

Momchilovtsi village - Village Holiday is "St. Konstantin and Elena ", it is celebrated on May 21 with a festive liturgy and rural gladness. Traditionally, the village celebrated also Todorov day, the local people are organizing “Konni kushii” (attractive horse racing).

Smilyan village - The village is popular with delicious local variety of beans, which has its own celebration. Every year during the last weekend of November is the celebration of the beans. It opens with a cannon thunder. The locals cook delicious meals, organize entertaining competition.

Mogilitsa village - Feast of folk art and crafts - funny and colorful event presenting the lifestyle, traditions and crafts of the village. It is celebrated around the 20th of June with an exhibition and demonstration center market.

Gela village - Traditional Bagpipe Contest. It is celebrated each year on the first weekend of August. Bagpipe festival is held on the meadows.

Shiroka Laka village - Every year on the first Sunday of March takes place extremely attractive Kukers festival - "Pesnoponedelnik" with the participation of groups from across the country. This is one of the most colorful and popular fairs in Bulgaria, resounded with the sound of hundreds of bells and chimes, folk music and songs.

Levochevo village - Festival "Ilinden" and meeting of families. It is celebrated on the nearest weekend around 20th July and runs with singing competitions and public rejoicing the sounds of Rhodope music.

Mugla village - Traditional holiday "Srede liato" and family meeting. Held. It is celebrated on 1st and 2nd August with musical and artistic program.



For those who want to make a walk in the mountains, there are a lot of trails in the area. We will describe a few of our favorite routes.

Canyon Falls - Located at 9km. from the villa in reserve "Soskovcheto." Starting at an old Roman bridge and winds through the forest, wooden bridges transferred sometimes left, sometimes right the river. When You walk around You can see 46 waterfalls, the largest are 5 of them. The biggest - "Orpheus" is a drop of water from 68 meters. There are places for rest and several scenic landing.

Momchil Fortress - A unique location - 12km. from the villa. Yoy will climb to the top of the mountain after a two-kilometer long transiti amazing forest road. You will reveal gradually startling blue-green sea of mountain ridges, and on top are the remains of the fortress to the Momchil. From here is visable a 360 degree view of Mount Perelik, big tower "Snehzanka" Rozhen Observatory, Mount Svoboda, and two other strongholds of the common defense line of Justinian I – “Kaletno” and "Koznik."

Ecopath "Neviastata" - leads to rock, which is a symbol of the city Smolyan and is about 15 km. from the villa. The trail is about 1km long. - Comfortable, wide and smooth. Passes through picturesque spots scented resin and carved rocks, buried in geraniums, moss and ferns. For lovers of excitement, there are excellent opportunities for rock climbing and alpine trolley - 100m. length and displacement - 30m.

Ecopath "Smolyan Lakes" - Smolyan Lakes are one of the secrets of the mountain - tempting, cool, full with wildlife and healing air. The trip to there, will make You become explorers of water kingdom in the middle of a rocky mountain heart. Located about 12km. from the villa.

Orpheus rocks – They are located below the peak "Snezhanka" in Pamporovo and the valley of Smolyan Lakes, 20km. from the villa. The walk is on well marked path, from rocks magnificent view from which, according to legend Orpheus take inspiration for his songs. At the top is the tower “Snezhanka”, high 156 m., The tower has a terrace of 2019 meters. altitude. In a clear day, from here You can see even Rila and Pirin, and the Greek part of the Rhodopes.

Panoramic landing "Eagle Eye" - Located near the village of Jagodina, about 50 km. from the villa. The climb is exciting and full of adrenaline. And up there, the experience is indescribable. The landing is on a cliff at an altitude 1563 m. The beauty of the view of Rhodope Mountains is unforgettable.


Uhlovitsa - Located at 25km. from the villa. The challenge is only to reaching the cave entrance. The displacement from the parking to the entrance is 160 m., steep trail with a length of 800 m., and 190 metal steps. In the cave some formations makes impression - entities that will make You feel as You are on the seabed and snow white limestone waterfalls and 7 lakes that in spring are filled with water.


Yagodinska - Located about 50 kilometers. from the villa. It is one of the most colorful and longest caves in Bulgaria with its 10,500 meters. The tourist route is 1100 m. With the constant temperature of 6 ° C. Here You can see 22 species of magnificent and beautiful formations of the world's 28 species. The cave has unique finds from the Copper Age, and also has a wedding hall for weddings.


Devil's Throat - Located about 40 kilometers. from the villa. It is one of the most amazing sights of the Trigrad Gorge. It ranks first in Bulgaria with the large hall as well as the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans and one of the highest in Europe - 42 meters. The temperature is constant - + 8 ° C. The biggest challenge is climbing the 301 steps, passing next to the roaring waterfall flow of falling water by 2300l. / Sec.