Terms of use

General terms:

Dear guests we ask You to read carefully the terms of use of Villa „Rupcovoto“

When You book the villa, we are automatically conclude a lease between the landlord and a representative of the group, who made the reservation. With each reservation of Villa "Rupcovoto", we assumes that guests have read in detail the terms of use. The lease shall enter into force after the owner or a representative of Villa "Rupcovoto" confirmed reservation via phone call or reverse e-mail to specified online booking form.


Dear guests, after making a reservation is required within 3 working days from the date of confirmation, to make a deposit payment of 50% of the agreed rent, to the bank account of Villa "Rupcovoto".

If the deposit payment is not made and received within 3 working days from the date of booking confirmation, Villa "Rupcovoto" reserves the right to cancel the booking request.

All payments must be in Levs, unless otherwise agreed with the owner of Villa "Rupcovoto".

Before residence at the villa, guests have to make payment of the remaining 50% of the agreed price of accommodation. If payment is not made, the reservation can be canceled and a lease is terminated without notice.

Additional costs:

The costs for electricity, water, fuel, cleaning supplies, local taxes and resort fees are included in rental rates.

All additional costs, such as hiring additional staff, catering, additional costs for goods and services must be paid by the guests, having the relevant requirements.

The cost of replacement or repair of any loss or damage to the property of the Villa "Rupcovoto", its furniture and in the yard, caused during the rental and accommodation, are at the expense of guests. The value of the damages depends on the injury and is paid in cash immediately to the owner or to his representative.

Reservations, lodging and release:

Booking, the address Villa "Rupcovoto", the contact with the owner or his representative, regulations and instructions are advertised on the site of Villa "Rupcovoto". When the customer pays the advance payment, he received document. The same document is presented upon arrival along with identity document of the representative of guests, who made the booking.

Check and release in Villa "Rupcovoto" is available at the following times:

  •   Arrival: 14:00 pm;
  •   Exemption until 13 noon, unless otherwise indicated.

In order to optimize accommodation, please, in case of schedule visits to notify the owner of the Villa "Rupcovoto" or his representative.

Price fluctuations:

The cost of the reservation is fully guaranteed, even in cases where the owner of Villa "Rupcovoto" make an adjustment in the price of accommodation, from the date of booking confirmation.

Damage or loss:

Obligation of guests is to treat the property of the Villa "Rupcovoto" with due care.

The owner or his representative may require guests to liberate the villa, immediately in case of excessive or unacceptable losses or damages at any time during the rental period, without compensation or refund. Damages or losses during the rental period shall be paid by guests threefold the market price.

During the rental period, the representative of the guests, who booked accommodation in Villa "Rupcovoto" has full responsibility for the behavior of accompanying persons in the villa and surrounding area. If a guest / s or visitor / s behave unseemly, the owner or his representative has the right to require them to leave the premises and / or villa immediately without compensation or refund.


When You rent a Villa "Rupcovoto" property and equipment are available for You, the owner or his representative reserves the right of access during Your stay to support the home, garden, utilities and heating.

Number of guests:

During their stay, the number of guests (adults and children) must not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated in the booking confirmation axis unless otherwise agreed.

Pets are not allowed.

Use of the property, norms of behavior and care:

Guests take full responsibility in case of violation of public order and reported to law enforcement. Sanctions, fines, regulations, forms and other penalties by the police related to Bulgarian law shall be paid by the guests.

Of all the guests and visitors of the villa is required to comply with accepted norms of behavior. Illegal or unethical activities such as gambling, prostitution, use and trafficking of drugs, possession and use of fireworks or dangerous goods, as well as possession and use of firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited.

Smoking in Villa "Rupcovoto" is prohibited, unless it is on provided for this places.

Guests are obliged to be extremely careful and circumspect throughout his stay in Villa "Rupcovoto" especially if they are with children. In the interest of safety must be provided adequate controls around the paths and stairs spaces and use of all facilities in and outside of the Villa "Rupcovoto".

The owner or his representative shall NOT be liable for:

- Any physical injury, loss, damage, inconvenience or additional expenses incurred by guests and accompanying persons, regardless of the cause;

- Inability of guests staying at the villa by preventing personal circumstances (cancellation of leave, loss of documents, etc.);

- If force majeure (force majeure) - natural or natural disasters (torrential rains, floods, snowdrifts, blizzards, hailstorms, earthquakes, landslides, extreme high or low temperatures, drought, etc.); blockades (roads, borders, etc.), fire, industrial accidents; wars, governmental restrictions, embargoes, strikes, etc; and other events beyond the control of the owner - technical, structural, electrical, plumbing or other difficulties that make Villa "Rupcovoto" unsafe or unusable.

Villa "Rupcovoto" publish and provides guests with descriptions, evaluations and proposals surrounding area and local attractions that are up to date, but is not responsible for any changes and mistakes.

Values ​​and Security:

Villa "Rupcovoto" ensures safe for valuables of guests. Guests are responsible for all valuables and property owned, imported and used by them in the territory of Villa "Rupcovoto". The owner or his representative does not take any responsibility if there is loss or damage to property owned by the guests. Guests are responsible for the property during the rental period and ensure that all windows and doors are concluded when they are not in the villa. Any act or omission of the guest s and accompanying persons and/or visitors, which can lead to loss or damage to assets and property is the responsibility of the client/s.