SPA relax

What makes Villa "Rupcovoto" unique and the only one in the country with such extra? This is the compact SPA relaxation complex located in the yard, under the open sky, just under the stars. Relax center is a unique four-custom sauna with aromatherapy, hromatherapy and musictherapy and in close proximity to the sauna is her friend - unique luxury wooden jacuzzi with a content of four tons of water and a capacity of 12 people, making it the largest in size in Bulgaria.

Freshness, fun and relaxation during the summer months, or hot bath with a glass of wine and relax in any season – this is the great Jacuzzi of Villa "Rupcovoto" which is in symbiosis with its natural authentic style. Here, where the crystal water, seamlessly blends into the green tranquility of the forest is the perfect place where You can rest and indulge in relaxation and simultaneously receive health through water. This combination gives You an excellent atmosphere for relaxation and restoration of Your mind and body. Numerous jets in the jacuzzi, provide a unique hydro and pearl-massage and also the modern audio system built-in waterproof and exotic underwater lighting complement the relaxing effect and create more positive emotions.


The wooden Jacuzzi of Villa "Rupcovoto" will bring You into a new world of magical moments and unique experiences.

But let us explain and healing qualities of this miracle.

When You entering into the hot jacuzzi, Your body temperature rises, leading to dilation of blood vessels. So blood starts to move faster and releases of endorphins, Your natural painkillers. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. Immersed in the water, You lose half of Your body weight, and thus Your body relieve stress from the joints and muscles. You can’t experience this soothing feeling anywhere else.


The sauna is one of the most handsome, practical, and pleasant discoveries of human. Here in the sauna of Villa "Rupcovoto" is the place for Your leisure, relaxation and privacy, but also for cohesive meeting with friends in pleasant conversation, interesting and exciting adventure stories. With its heat sauna will give You a soft and gentle effect on Your body and Your senses. It will give You unimaginable pleasure and will make you feel happy and relaxed.


Not only as a place of pleasure and relaxation, but also as a place for health promotion, the sauna has a beneficial effect on the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and other systems of the human body. The benefits of using it are numerous. Generally by improving tone and vitality of the body. It also improves the immune system. The high temperature helps to the body to destroys different types of bacteria, viruses and parasites, and as a result of sweating, Your body separate multiple toxins. The sauna stimulates blood circulation, thus reaching cardiovascular relaxation and performed a kind of prevention of all internal organs.


And especially the sauna of Villa "Rupcovoto" improves mood and pleasure of our guests. A relaxing effect and health impact could be complemented and reinforced with aroma, hromatherapy and musictherapy. The aromas from natural extracts of pine, lavender or mint, stained air creates additional positive emotions and soothe the senses. The light and the different colors act favorably on the psyche and the mood, the quiet and soft music will immerse You in a world of absolute comfort and relaxation.

Revive Your mind and body! Give to Your senses endless relaxation and enjoyment! Forget the stress and bother of everyday life and immerse yourself in the magic of relaxation and tranquility at any time of the year, here - in Villa "Rupcovoto".